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Copper Twig Signature Piano Bar


A beautifully repurposed piano cocktail bar finished in dark blue chalk paint, waxed and protected for durability to ensure it is easily maintained and the colour remains as deep and vibrant for years to come.
All hardware has been accented in a subtle matte copper effect to compliment the deep blue woodwork. Coated in lacquer for added protection and to keep the lustre.
The large resin table top, enhanced with copper pigment and powder provides an attractive, hard wearing and waterproof surface.
Space for 6-8 rocks glasses and hangers for 6 stemmed glasses. When the party is in full swing the worktop is deep enough for further glasses to ensure the drinks keep flowing.
18 wine or spirit bottles can be stored in the lower wine rack with plenty of space on the top to display your favourite, more attractive spirits bottles and bar tender equipment.
135cm Wide, 114cm High, 58cm Deep

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